I am sorry to say, but the Copperbox Culinary Atelier has closed its doors. For now !

 A more expensive lease, some educational commitments and a new project that has quickly begun to require my full attention, are behind this tough decision. But taking on new challenges sometimes require saying good-bye even to very special things.

I do wish to extend my wholehearted gratitude to all those fans, patrons, bloggers and writers who supported not just my work but that of the entire team that made Copperbox the special place it was for a year and a half.  There are many ways to measure success, and on many fronts you all made Copperbox Culinary Atelier a success.

It is because of all your support that I am able now to take on a new, more ambitious project.  This is what “Atelier” was designed to do: A studio where I was able to focus on my craft, challenge myself, learn, get my bearings in a new country, raise my capacities in the kitchen (and out of it as well) and explore what was an entirely different fine dining experience.  

Please write!  It would be my joy to invite all of you back into my new dining room as soon as I am ready to open; Perhaps, even a little before.


Thanks again!

Chef Gabriela Machado